It’s been an insanely hot, inert kind of month. Hopefully this weather will break soon

I see my last post was censored. For language, maybe? Or is Big Brother watching. Or maybe it just got lost and I’m a dork.

I posted this review of KJ Moore’s AWESOME novella Monster P*rn over on Amazon, but will re-post it here. The e-book is cheap (but not free), and it’s well worth a couple of hours. I only wish it went on for another fifty pages.

Look for my interview with the author over at Blood Bound Books.

–An oddly poignant tale about a sordid culture, Monster P*rn is, at its heart, a
love story. Best described as transgressive literary fiction, the book is
entertaining and often laugh-out-loud funny, while preserving its characters’
dignity. This would be difficult, given the subject matter, but Moore’s
description of “freak” p*rn finds its place not in leering over details
(although there are plenty) but in creating sympathy for the awkwardness of each

I would have given this five stars, but at only 64 pages, the
story needed more to fill it out, particularly the gap before the last chapter
when we learn Chloe’s fate. I would have liked to know more of the “freaks,”
too. Overall, though, a great job from an up-and-coming writer.